5oz Silver Bullet 12Gauge


Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .999
Manufacturer SilverTowne
Diameter 20.3 mm
Condition New
Series SilverTowne Bullets
CoA No
Packaging Type Mint Packaging
Metal Weight 5 Troy Ounces


5oz Silver Bullet 12Gauge The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution permits citizens the right to bear arms. You are free to exercise your rights in the US, and you also have the right to bear silver with investment-grade silver bullets. Of course, these silver bullets won’t actually fire out of a weapon, but they’re beautiful and unique nonetheless. The 5 oz Silver Bullet 12 Gauge round is available to you for purchase online right now from Bright Bullion.

Bullet Highlights:

  • Bullets ship inside of protective packaging for individual and multiple specimens!
  • Reflects the size and shape of 12 gauge rounds!
  • Contains 5 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Accurate size and appearance of a 12 gauge bullet with no engravings.
  • The bottom of the round has the engravings of weight, purity, and metal content.

5 oz Silver Bullets such as these for sale right now from Bright Bullion reflect the appearance of a 12 gauge shotgun round. The 12 gauge shotgun is one of the most commonly used firearms in the United States. It is used in both the civilian sector, the law enforcement sector, and by various branches of the United States Military.

The gauge in an actual bullet is determined the weight, as a fraction of a pound, of a solid sphere ball of lead that has a diameter equal to the inside of the barrel. 12 gauge rounds are the most commonly used and feature a .729 inch or 18.5 mm diameter. Other popular shotgun gauges include 20 and 67.

For these 5 oz Silver Bullets, the design of the entire product resembles that of an actual 12 gauge shotgun round. The primary visual you’ll notice when holding the silver bullet is the shotgun shell, which is the self-contained cartridge that is often loaded with what is called “shot” or “slug.”

If you were to look at the inside of a 12 gauge bullet, you’d find a cluster of shot, along with a brass firing cap and propellant to send the shot out of the round when hunting or clay shooting. On the bottom of these 5 oz Silver Bullets are the only engravings on the products. You’ll find “5 oz,” “999,” and “Ag.” These are engraved around the firing pin designed into the center of the silver bullets.

These 5 oz Silver Bullets are available as pure .999 silver products and arrive with protective plastic packaging for security during shipping. Again, these silver bullets are not designed for use with actual firearms. 

5oz Silver Bullet 12Gauge

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